Well, I’ve been a busy girl. Today Buster and I spent 2.5 hours putting flyers in mail boxes. Had tons of sunscreen on, a satchel slung over my shoulder containing water, dog bowl, dog treats, doo doo bags,  and people snacks inside, flyers in my right hand, and dog in my left hand with bags of poop too. I couldn’t believe Buster managed to poop not once but three times while we were out!! I think he was just so excited to be someplace new. He was a great sport about it.  🙂  

Also been taking some free continuing ed classes online which go towards my continuing ed requirements for vet registration. Kind of feels ridiculous when the course takes 1-2 hours to complete and you only get 1-2 points afterwards for completion. But then again, it’s free, much cheaper than attending a conference, I learn stuff applicable to my job, and it goes towards fulfilling my cont ed requirements. So, shouldn’t be kvetching there.

Thinking about joining a Young Adults Group at my parish, but haven’t decided whether its for me. It’s only a 6 session commitment. It does conflict with my regular Thursday night viewing of Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice though! Wish I had a video/dvd recorder. Lol. Hmmm, not sure if that is a good enough excuse. It would get me out of the house though!