This morning, I found a big empty patch in the cat litter box. It’s not that I’m ungrateful for Buster’s attempt to help me clean up the cat box, but it’s just plain gross!! Ewwww!

In other news, I saw my 2nd furry patient this weekend. A cat needing a toe nail trim…went well & cute cat too.  Reminded me of my old cat Chocolate Chip. (Bless his soul.)

This weekend, I celebrated International Women’s Day with my parish after mass. One was supposed to wear purple, which I had no problem because that’s my favourite colour! I wore a knit purple vest. I also brought my home-made deviled eggs for the event. They looked really beautiful! But to my disappointment, hardly anyone was keen on trying them. I guess cos it is an American thing and they’ve never seen it before. Trust me, my deviled eggs were way better than the traditional “ferry bread” and ham sandwiches. Btw, “ferry bread” is buttered bread with coloured sprinkles all over it.