Hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday. Mine was good and relaxing. Made chocolate Easter cake that my housemates baked. (I did the fun bit–the frosting, decorating, and eating bit!) Went to church. Lots of people got baptised. Met up with some med students from the UK at a new Thai place. Got lost trying to find the place even though it was only 15 mins away according to my Tomtom car navigator. Saw some people fishing that evening at Milson’s Point. They didn’t even use fishing poles, just fishing line wrapped around a plastic handle. 

Finally finished an addictive dvd series of a tv foreign soap opera called the “The Little Nonya.” It tells the story of a deaf Peranakan woman, the culture, and the adversities and adventures of her family life from the 1930s through to 1960s.  Peranakans are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who migrated to Malaysia and/or Singapore and who adopted and assimilated the local culture. My flatmate, Cherylene, is Peranakan.

In other news, I have been studying for an English exam that I will be taking this Saturday in the city. (I’m hoping to get a high score to help my Visa application.) I’m worried about the listening comprehension part though. I have been practicing listening to British accents and cds.