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Hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday. Mine was good and relaxing. Made chocolate Easter cake that my housemates baked. (I did the fun bit–the frosting, decorating, and eating bit!) Went to church. Lots of people got baptised. Met up with some med students from the UK at a new Thai place. Got lost trying to find the place even though it was only 15 mins away according to my Tomtom car navigator. Saw some people fishing that evening at Milson’s Point. They didn’t even use fishing poles, just fishing line wrapped around a plastic handle. 

Finally finished an addictive dvd series of a tv foreign soap opera called the “The Little Nonya.” It tells the story of a deaf Peranakan woman, the culture, and the adversities and adventures of her family life from the 1930s through to 1960s.  Peranakans are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who migrated to Malaysia and/or Singapore and who adopted and assimilated the local culture. My flatmate, Cherylene, is Peranakan.

In other news, I have been studying for an English exam that I will be taking this Saturday in the city. (I’m hoping to get a high score to help my Visa application.) I’m worried about the listening comprehension part though. I have been practicing listening to British accents and cds.


I finally got my NSW driver’s license yesterday. Have been driving on a Texas license for the past 2 years. I have concluded that rude people and long lines is a worldwide universal concept among government run motor vehicle registration and licensing authorities. You see this was my third trip to the DMV over the past 18 months (not including the one I made I back home.) Every time I went, I got a different story or needed a different piece of paper… 

Well yesterday, I decided I wasn’t gonna let these people ruin my day if it didn’t work out. Can’t be too disappointed if you start with “lowered expectations right?” Had to park in their ridiculously small parking lot that only fit 8 cars. Ended up having to back into a space (a challenging task when you own a station wagon) next to a concrete wall because there wasn’t enough room to turn in. 

Anyhow, picked a number for the queue and waited about 35 minutes. Got to the window when number called. Whipped out all my paper work like I usually do. The lady quickly mumbled something about one of my documents not being in order…needed an original…  I explained to her that I didn’t have the original…original back in Texas…all I had was a copy. My heart pounding, feeling queasy in this stupid place… She mumbled and glared some more. 

Took my stuff, made copies… Then, she said look into the mirror and started giving me an eye test. Sit in chair for photo. It wasn’t until she started to run my bank card through the machine at the end that I began to realize that I was actually getting a driver’s license TODAY. Fifty minutes and $46 dollars later, walked out with a NSW driver’s license complete with bad picture and all. And, I get to do this again next year cos it expires in one year.

This morning, I found a big empty patch in the cat litter box. It’s not that I’m ungrateful for Buster’s attempt to help me clean up the cat box, but it’s just plain gross!! Ewwww!

In other news, I saw my 2nd furry patient this weekend. A cat needing a toe nail trim…went well & cute cat too.  Reminded me of my old cat Chocolate Chip. (Bless his soul.)

This weekend, I celebrated International Women’s Day with my parish after mass. One was supposed to wear purple, which I had no problem because that’s my favourite colour! I wore a knit purple vest. I also brought my home-made deviled eggs for the event. They looked really beautiful! But to my disappointment, hardly anyone was keen on trying them. I guess cos it is an American thing and they’ve never seen it before. Trust me, my deviled eggs were way better than the traditional “ferry bread” and ham sandwiches. Btw, “ferry bread” is buttered bread with coloured sprinkles all over it.

As I write this post, Trixie sits happily on my lap and purring like mad.  She’s got me wrapped around her lil paw!  Last week, I tried the Lenten prayer group at my church and it was pretty good.  Was nice to get away and for 1.5 hours to just clear my mind and focus on a higher power.  I’ve been having a hard time lately with my mind constantly running wild with endless thoughts and not being able to just “let go” and relax.  Probably a combo of stress, money worries, and other things.  I got my first client today which was a great confidence booster and everything went smoothly.  Didn’t even get lost getting there.  But, got lost going home!  Lol.  And every time I tried to turn around, I kept getting a “no right turn” permitted.  Lol.  Never a dull moment that’s for sure.

Well, I’ve been a busy girl. Today Buster and I spent 2.5 hours putting flyers in mail boxes. Had tons of sunscreen on, a satchel slung over my shoulder containing water, dog bowl, dog treats, doo doo bags,  and people snacks inside, flyers in my right hand, and dog in my left hand with bags of poop too. I couldn’t believe Buster managed to poop not once but three times while we were out!! I think he was just so excited to be someplace new. He was a great sport about it.  🙂  

Also been taking some free continuing ed classes online which go towards my continuing ed requirements for vet registration. Kind of feels ridiculous when the course takes 1-2 hours to complete and you only get 1-2 points afterwards for completion. But then again, it’s free, much cheaper than attending a conference, I learn stuff applicable to my job, and it goes towards fulfilling my cont ed requirements. So, shouldn’t be kvetching there.

Thinking about joining a Young Adults Group at my parish, but haven’t decided whether its for me. It’s only a 6 session commitment. It does conflict with my regular Thursday night viewing of Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice though! Wish I had a video/dvd recorder. Lol. Hmmm, not sure if that is a good enough excuse. It would get me out of the house though!

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