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I thought I’d give a recap of what’s been happening these past few months. Moved to another apartment end of Sept. About 7 min drive from my old place. Downsized to a smaller more affordable place. It’s cozy and it’s a short walk to public transport and the shops. The place is an older style apartment and has its quirks. Hot showers are a challenge… (There is no hot water tank, but an instant hot water system underneath the sink…)  And, I’ve managed to wash clothes now by hooking up my clothes washer to the kitchen sink. We painted the living room furniture white to make the place feel bigger and look brighter… Did the trick. Attempted to dye the sofa cushions wine colored but they came out hot pink instead…

Joined a softball league in Oct. My team name is the “Pink Mitts.” We play every Tuesday night and I’m hoping to get a position other than catcher for a change. Enjoying the game, but I really wish our team would practice more…no wins yet, but I’m optimistic.

Celebrated my 29th Birthday in Oct. No big affair. Ate a nice dinner out courtesy of Mom and Dad’s credit card. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Was actively involved in the World Dog Games held in Nov. (Was called “World” Dog Games, but there were no dogs from overseas because of apparent quarantine issues.) Did vet checking of all the canine competitors, a demo on pet first aid with my dog Buster and held a stall where I answered vet questions, sold home made dog biscuits and distributed info on my business. Was a great experience overall.

Immigration finally came through on my grad visa which means I can leave the country now. Still don’t have permanent residency yet, which has been further delayed because I’m not on the critical skills/jobs in demand list… I need to consider a career in hair dresssing, plumbing or nursing…

Thinking of coming back to the USA to visit family in Spring or Summer when air faire prices settle down.

Went for a stroll with Cherylene to Manly beach last weekend. Lots of surfing and beach volley ball competitions going on. Came across a much coveted Dr. Pepper at an import candy store. Tasted wonderful all the way from good ol’ USA!

I’ve posted some recent pics below.


Yummy dog treats in the making.

Buster & I

World Dog Games Stall


I got my Dr. Pepper. Woo hoo!


Hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday. Mine was good and relaxing. Made chocolate Easter cake that my housemates baked. (I did the fun bit–the frosting, decorating, and eating bit!) Went to church. Lots of people got baptised. Met up with some med students from the UK at a new Thai place. Got lost trying to find the place even though it was only 15 mins away according to my Tomtom car navigator. Saw some people fishing that evening at Milson’s Point. They didn’t even use fishing poles, just fishing line wrapped around a plastic handle. 

Finally finished an addictive dvd series of a tv foreign soap opera called the “The Little Nonya.” It tells the story of a deaf Peranakan woman, the culture, and the adversities and adventures of her family life from the 1930s through to 1960s.  Peranakans are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who migrated to Malaysia and/or Singapore and who adopted and assimilated the local culture. My flatmate, Cherylene, is Peranakan.

In other news, I have been studying for an English exam that I will be taking this Saturday in the city. (I’m hoping to get a high score to help my Visa application.) I’m worried about the listening comprehension part though. I have been practicing listening to British accents and cds.

Spent the day yesterday showing my new flatmate from the UK Sydney city. Went to Sydney Harbour, The Rocks, and Darling Harbour.  My fav part of the day was we when we found a Lindt chocolate cafe. The three of us had the most decadent chocolate desserts and mocha coffee drinks. Later that evening, watched the movie, “Seven Pounds” starring Will Smith. I usually go for light-hearted or romantic comedies, but this drama was actually very good. Thought provoking and kept me on the edge of my seat. Could see and feel Will Smith’s character’s anguish & turmoil.  Kinda of reminded me of a morbid way to “pay it forward.”  Where you do random acts of kindness for people…and they “pay it forward…” There was a movie like this several years ago, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t involve organ donations & sacrifice.

Been kinda of a weird week for me this week. Seems to be revolving around the recurrent theme of “death.” Spoke heavily of death and the passion of Christ this week at church, had flashbacks of my Grandpafre’s death/dying experience, have been writing an article on euthanasia for pets, even dreaming about myself dying, and then the movie “Seven Pounds.” Btw, I had no idea what Seven Pounds was even about til after I started watching it.

Can’t wait until Easter next week. Will definately be a more uplifting experience!

Well, I’ve been a busy girl. Today Buster and I spent 2.5 hours putting flyers in mail boxes. Had tons of sunscreen on, a satchel slung over my shoulder containing water, dog bowl, dog treats, doo doo bags,  and people snacks inside, flyers in my right hand, and dog in my left hand with bags of poop too. I couldn’t believe Buster managed to poop not once but three times while we were out!! I think he was just so excited to be someplace new. He was a great sport about it.  🙂  

Also been taking some free continuing ed classes online which go towards my continuing ed requirements for vet registration. Kind of feels ridiculous when the course takes 1-2 hours to complete and you only get 1-2 points afterwards for completion. But then again, it’s free, much cheaper than attending a conference, I learn stuff applicable to my job, and it goes towards fulfilling my cont ed requirements. So, shouldn’t be kvetching there.

Thinking about joining a Young Adults Group at my parish, but haven’t decided whether its for me. It’s only a 6 session commitment. It does conflict with my regular Thursday night viewing of Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice though! Wish I had a video/dvd recorder. Lol. Hmmm, not sure if that is a good enough excuse. It would get me out of the house though!

I actually started to blog about 5 years ago when I first came to Australia, but in the last year, I have remained dormant due to other committments and just plain lack of time. Well, I’ve started blogging again now and I hope to get back into it with the hopes of keeping family and friends informed of my happenings.

I did a very unkosher thing last night. I ate bangers with matzo. I really wanted bread, but I was too lazy to wait for the bread to thaw from the freezer. And, matzo was the closest thing I had. I did another bad thing–I put salt on my matzo. I feel guilty, even though I’m Catholic, but I think my mom and bubby will understand. 😉  So I brought my delicious dinner to the tv and sat down to watch Desperate Housewives. And, to my amusement, they were showing Bree giving her Jewish grandson a hot dog when she wasn’t supposed to! How strange is that?! And, yes I’m behind on Desperate Housewives, but that’s because it takes awhile for it to show over here in Australia.

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