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BubbeMy Bubbe (grandmother) passed away yesterday afternoon.  She was a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. She was the type of person that radiated warmth and love to towards everyone she encountered (including animals too.) She had a gentle and kind-hearted way about her and was even know to soften the hearts of not-so-nice people.

Before she died, she told me the story of when she used to live in Florida many years ago, she had a really bad neighbor, but through orchids, they overcame their differences and ended up good friends.  My Bubbe’s passion and hobby of 30 years was orchids.  Her other passions included holistic medicine and organic/natural cooking.  She was into it long before it became popular.

Although my Bubbe was a very private person, it was no secret how much she loved her family and cared for others around her. She will be missed dearly. Ich hob der liebe (I love you) Bubbe.

In loving memory of Lenore Sultz Angert. June 14, 2009.


Spent the day yesterday showing my new flatmate from the UK Sydney city. Went to Sydney Harbour, The Rocks, and Darling Harbour.  My fav part of the day was we when we found a Lindt chocolate cafe. The three of us had the most decadent chocolate desserts and mocha coffee drinks. Later that evening, watched the movie, “Seven Pounds” starring Will Smith. I usually go for light-hearted or romantic comedies, but this drama was actually very good. Thought provoking and kept me on the edge of my seat. Could see and feel Will Smith’s character’s anguish & turmoil.  Kinda of reminded me of a morbid way to “pay it forward.”  Where you do random acts of kindness for people…and they “pay it forward…” There was a movie like this several years ago, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t involve organ donations & sacrifice.

Been kinda of a weird week for me this week. Seems to be revolving around the recurrent theme of “death.” Spoke heavily of death and the passion of Christ this week at church, had flashbacks of my Grandpafre’s death/dying experience, have been writing an article on euthanasia for pets, even dreaming about myself dying, and then the movie “Seven Pounds.” Btw, I had no idea what Seven Pounds was even about til after I started watching it.

Can’t wait until Easter next week. Will definately be a more uplifting experience!

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